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Make changes in your subconscious level

Welcome to Hypnotherapy 

What is Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is a mode of therapy conducted on an individual basis. Treatment using hypnotherapy is done while the client/patient is in a trance state. Compared to "talk therapy," there is so much that can be accomplished with hypnotherapy in a shorter amount of time. The benefits of hypnotherapy is more realized as you continue with the sessions after a few weeks.

Sessions and Experience  Hypnotherapy takes around 1 until 1 and a half hours. This is done by assisting you to reach a relaxed state that shall induce you to a state of hypnosis. Age regression may be conducted for helping you be more comfortable in releasing your behavioral, cognitive, and emotional blockages. Part of the session called the healing is where your inner child is brought out to develop new positive outlook.

Recording In order to see effective results from hypnotherapy, you will need a program consisting of multiple sessions. The initial induction and final healing portions are recorded. This recording will give you the opportunity to make changes for yourself without having to be in the clinic. We can transfer a copy of the file(s) via email either as an attachment or by sharing with you through your phone. But please take note that by doing so, we cannot guarantee the privacy and security of information sent through this medium.

Risks Depending on the type of personality of the patient, hypnotherapy can be an intense process as this focuses on the treatment that can bring unpleasant memories or emotions. Thus, there may be times that you may be guided slowly to achieve realistic goals. We cannot guarantee that hypnotherapy works for everyone or happen at the same pace as others. There are those who show progress slower than others.

Benefits There are many benefits to hypnotherapy. The hypnotic state allows the patient to be more receptive to discussion and suggestions. Thus, it helps treating phobias, anger, fears, depression, stress, loss and grief, and anxiety among others. It can also be used as a treatment of controling and overcoming habits. To achieve the ideal results, the full and active cooperation of the patient is required.

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